How coaching changed my life

Hi, I’m Virginie!

Virginie Fite-Georgel in Van

Before life coaching I had done some career coaching when moving to a new city/country or looking for a new job.

I had seen therapists to help repair some relationships drama or grief overwhelm.

Yet I still felt very unsure about what to do with all the things I had to do.

Life coaching helped me decrease my anxiety (about work, relationships, etc.) and increase my self confidence.

I’ve been able to move on and achieve more of my goals faster.

I feel more in charge of my decisions and I make better and faster decisions (on work projects, taking time off, spending time with people).

Coaching opened my eyes to decide freely and without judgment (of myself or anybody else), IF I wanted to have a relationship with the people in my life, including my parents. And if I decided to have one, what I wanted it to look like. Lifting my limiting beliefs, I was able to see that there was no right or wrong answer, just what I wanted to do.

In my coaching and in the podcast, I want to share with you how much fun you can have to make all areas of your life a 10/10

I support smart working moms navigate with ease all the changes in their lives, whether it's getting a new job, moving to a new place, adding a baby or seeing them leave the nest.

Let me show you how taking time for yourself is good for both your body and mind.

Remember you get to decide how you spend your time and it’s ok to say NO when it doesn’t align with your priorities.

Virginie FG

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