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I help working moms finish the courses they have signed up for by teaching them how to make faster decisions that feel good in 3 easy steps

Is this what the mean girl inside your head is telling you?

  • I don't have time for myself,
  • I've tried everything and it didn't work
  • I’m not fun anymore
  • I don't recognize myself
  • I can't accomplish anything: I can’t lose weight,I can't finish the books I start, …
  • I hate my job
  • I can't have it all
  • I hate everyone, including myself for being this way
  • I am tired of being tired
  • I have to take care of my parents and my kids, and the pets, something’s got to give!
  • I should have it together
  • I’m just lazy
  • I should be able to do it on my own
  • I don't know where to start
  • I feel stuck and I don’t know what I should do
  • I don't know who to ask for help

Don't stay stuck..

I can help you quiet her by:

  • Showing you simple coaching tools that will bring you clarity and control
  • Helping you identify the obstacles you face and coming up with strategies to overcome them
  • Keeping you accountable, helping you achieve your goals
  • Helping you feel confident to adapt to a new season of your life (change doesn’t have to be hard)
  • Teaching you how to make faster decisions that feel good so you can get get at least 30 minutes of your time back everyday while boosting your confidence
  • Reminding you that you're not supposed to be great at everything and that life is never going to feel great 100% of the time - it’s a 50-50 game.
  • Showing you how you can feel valued (at home or at work)
  • Teaching you how to have your own back 100% of the time and I teach you how feeling bad helps you

BecauseI’ve been there too. Spending endless time in indecision, or fighting decision fatigue. I was thinking I wasn’t doing enough, for me, my kids or my home. I used to feel like I could never see the end of “all the things” I had to do. I felt like I was letting everyone down (including myself).

Life coaching changed my life.


It gave me simple tools I used to pause and think clearly about what was happening and where I wanted to go.

I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

I got there faster.

I coached on my relationships, my money mindset, my career change and I saw the ripple effects in all the other areas of my life.

Here is how it can change your life too:

I work with a limited number of clients that I coach online in 1:1 sessions.

I offer you a safe space to unload your mental charge, a space with no judgment and full of curiosity.

I show you how to get out of victim mode

I help you save time

I help you save money

I don't lie to make you feel good. I actually show you how to stop ignoring and start feeling so-called “bad” emotions.

We can explore all aspects of your life and see the ripple effects on everyone around you when you start putting yourself first.

We work together for 12 weeks (a season)

With 10 sessions, I share the tools you need so you can practice and see progress.

I can't wait to meet you and work on what’s keeping you stuck.

See what my clients are saying:

You may be asking yourself…


A life coach helps you clarify what they want and get it.

A life coach helps you reclaim their time.

A life coach can hold your hand to help you have your own back.

A life coach helps you live your life with more intent.

A life coach helps you differentiate your thoughts from what’s actually happening.

A life coach helps you figure out what you want your next move to be.

A life coach helps you have better relationships.

A life coach is here to help you ask the right questions.

A life coach gives you tools to understand and process your emotions.

A life coach is here to hold space for you, without judgment.


Everyone can benefit from a coach. Setting your goals with intention, discovering your thoughts and accepting your emotions is one of the most powerful work I’ve ever done and it is true self-care.

Also, sometimes you can ask for help. 😉

A coach can help you ask yourself the right questions and uncover what’s really keeping you stuck.

A coach can also help you be more accountable when you need it.

Finally a coach is here to hold space for you, whatever you’re thinking or feeling, without judgment.

And everyone needs that.


After booking your session, I will send you a confirmation email and we will meet on Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. We will discuss what’s keeping you stuck, and what goals you’d like to accomplish. Together we will take time for yourself to look at your thoughts and what kind of results they’re bringing you. We will explore what new thoughts and actions could be bringing you closer to what you want and allow for more fun in your daily life.

So that you can show up as the best version of yourself, whatever hat you’re wearing.

After each session, you will have gained some insights and i will give you the tools you need to continue the work on your own and continue to be curious.


The only people coaching is not right for are people who are not ready yet to do the work.

Sometimes, we are just not ready. There is nothing wrong with it. I believe change happens when it should.

A coach can help you but not be the reason you look at your thought errors and limiting beliefs. You can change your mind and come back when you ARE ready.

Also, some people need additional support beyond coaching for various reasons, including mental illness or severe trauma. In these cases, coaching can be a wonderful addition to your work with a qualified therapist, but not the only work.


You can hop on a 30 minute mini session with me over Zoom. We will discuss what you hope to achieve with coaching and how I can help you get there. This session will help us both decide if working together will be a good fit.


I offer a seasonal package for 12 weeks of weekly coaching for only $997!

Seasonal package

12 weeks of weekly coaching sessions

Price: $997